Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why I Love My Haflingers - Reason #25

That's mine?

Can I eat it?!

We went to an informal carriage show. The boys were shown in a ground driving obstacle course and a cones course. They did a fabulous job of hanging around with all kinds of activity going on around them! I'm a proud mama!


  1. I would love a farm full of them! Their gentleness is super, their patient astronomical, their beauty breathtaking.

    I love the fact they are muti-purpose and bred fro the young and the older alike. From work horse to pleasure to hunter to team driving, the breed seems to excell at all.

    My two half Haflingers seem to have to same gentle traits.

  2. Very awesome !!!! Congrats on that blue ribbon =)

  3. Wonderful!! I love Haffies, such great personalities!

  4. Congrats! I may be a little biased, but haflingers are the best! Perfect in every way!

  5. Camryn here:
    Wow, you guys are stars!!! Can I have your autograph? Did the ribbon taste good? Can I have a bite too???

  6. Congratulations!!!! Blue sure looks good on a handsome Haffie! Glad you all enjoyed the day.

  7. Ah Cyndi, must be a wonderful sense of accomplishment especially since it is sort of a come-back, eh? Bet you are so glad to be driving again! Glad for you and proud of you and the boys! CONGRATS!


  8. whoooo congrats!!!

    Blue is good right???? haha!


  9. Cindi, you asked about Ben's care - we will continue his high carb diet for 30 days, retest, and if all is well, transition to a normal routine. I expect we'll be keeping a close eye on the big guy.


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