Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Gold

When we moved into our new home we discovered a decrepit pile of bags stashed in the garage end of the barn. At first we thought they contained material for a water filter. Then someone told us he thought it was landscaping material. Finally I looked at the stuff... felt the stuff... smelled the stuff.

It was gold!
Black gold!

The bags contained small pellets or crumbs of rubber. 
We had enough bags to spread one alongside each panel in the round pen.

I'm so happy.... I could sing:

The wonderful thing about Haffies
Is Haffies are wonderful things.
Their round pen is made out of rubber
Their hoofies can act just like springs.
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!!!
The wonderful thing about our round pen 
Is it's so much fun to run!
 (My apologies to Disney!)

Pippin struts his stuff


  1. Glad you got so much black gold. Nice poem:)

  2. Your poem had me giggling! What a great find indeed!

  3. i love the song! and so fitting! haffies can be a lot like tigger ;)

  4. Black gold indeed! Lucky you!
    Husband David taught at Mines (Dr. Harris)

  5. YOU are a wonderful thing
    The black gold you found was bling
    To the round pen you went
    good times you did spent
    So your Haffies could strut
    and not fall in a rut
    Your Haffies are so darn cute
    Of that, no one can dispute!

    Not as good as yours- but you inspired the TIgger in me. ;-)
    Great post!

  6. I want to hear you sing that song! I can just picture the Haffies bouncing along to it.

  7. Ah, Louise, you are right. Pippin certainly bounces along to the tune. Doc, well, he's a bit more deliberate. Most would say he plods... but he does so rhythmically!
    Deanna, your poem cracked me up!
    Terry - what did he teach? Maybe he even met my 'baby'!
    Allison - you know you are right. Pippin so often reminds me of Tigger!
    And all, it was a great find! I could probably use a semi load full of it... as well as an indoor arena to put it in, but it'll do for now ;-)

  8. You need to rename Pippin to Tigger. That is a nice treasure you found.

    Did you get some rain last night? We got dumped on, along with booming thunder and quite the light show in the sky. Bella crawled under the bed and Sadie curled up next to me and was shaking so hard her teeth were chattering.

  9. Ha! i know outdoor areana's in Holland that just have the black gold! It works great!

    And pippin struting his stuff looks good!!!

    Have a great weekend and i am just gonna assume that your mammo's turned out good??? I sure hope so!


  10. Camryn here:
    Not fair, all I got was dirt!!! It rained, now the dirt is mud.

  11. Cute post! Pippin's "a wonderful thing" - handsome fellow you've got!

  12. Gold indeed! That stuff is on my wish list... Christmas in September; who'da thunk it? ;o)

  13. Whodathunkit? Rubber can make a person so happy!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - I love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!


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