Monday, September 19, 2011

Choices...OR... No Choice At All

I could have this:

 BIH- Eagle Carriage


I could have this:

A new concrete parking area for our house
(the old one sunk 6 inches by the corner of the house and has major cracks in other areas.)


I could have this:

Hawaiian cruise for hubby and me,
including airfare!

For just about what it is going to cost me for this!!

A little more investigation following the 'strained periodontal ligament' episode led to the discovery that I have a chronic infection at the tip of the root of this tooth. The infection has probably been simmering for years.  I had a root canal and a post and crown put in a long time ago. The root of the tooth seems to be an unusual shape and the root canal was not complete. Because the root is short and because of the post, redoing the root canal and putting on a new crown is not an option, it would only buy me a little time before I be would staring an implant in the mouth. 
So, imagine a pin popping my ballons, my wishes! No carriage. No concrete. No cruise. Just one lousy tooth.


  1. Don't you just hate that? I try really, really hard not to spend too much time thinking about all that dough I coughed up for co-payments and prescriptions during cancer and chemo. *heaves a sigh* Couldda had a Lusitano in my backyard instead.
    Here's hoping it's practically painless ('cause we already know it's going to hurt some; right in the checkbook :oP

  2. Sorry, that's no fun. You wouldn't enjoy any of those choices if you were in pain. You'll have some great things to look forward to in the future, and they will be all the sweeter!!


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