Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding Fall

In just the last few days
I've seen changes... 
Fall is on its way!

Ready or not, here it comes!

The rose hips are still green
but they are fat as can be.
Perhaps this variety doesn't change color in the fall.
Time will tell!

The leaves on the Maple may still be green,
but if you look closely, the stems are beginning
to show the promise of red.

The animals are all shedding summer coats.
We have hair flying all over the place!
The horses have actually begun to grow their
coarser winter coats.

Last week you couldn't see the crab apples for the leaves.
But our cool nights and shorter days have signaled
that it's time to change color.

Are you finding fall too?
What signs have you seen?


  1. WI is finding Fall this week, when temps dive down from warm 70/80's to the 30's - and Sir Frost shows up overnight. Kinda sad for a short season gardener to see thriving plants turn to mush. Our horse (and dogs) coats get darker, and courser. I haven't noticed much shedding. Our Koi slow down, and no longer surface for food. Bird activity seems to increase & our finches get darker. Color changing plants take on a different hue. I like Fall, just not what comes after it!

  2. Around here, it's the feel, and smell, of the air that signals the difference. It's hard to describe, but the air seems lighter, somehow, and clearer. My crabapple had no fruit this year, due to some really freaky weather in the Spring, but, its leaves have almost all fallen, already. The maples are losing leaves, green, sick looking ones, from the stress of the drought this Summer. I am very much afraid that Fall colors will be pretty subdued this year, due to this stress. I welcome Fall, because I love the Winter that follows, and the promise of Spring beyond that.

  3. The light has changed and the evenings are cool. It is actually cool enough today we need jackets on while getting the combine set up and ready to go. Leaves are changing color...fall is here.


  4. Some of the marsh grass (Spartina Grass) is beginning to get a very subtle golden hue although much of it is still bright green. Sunsets are more colorful and originate in the SW sky rather than the west. Gone are our near 100 temps and high humidity ---with forecasts of just 80 this weekend. Hummm, I am NOT yet ready to turn in my sandals, shorts, and other summer attire! Remember, I *LOVE* hot weather!!!


  5. The surest sign of fall. . .football. My husband is in heaven, lol.

    But Shyloh is shedding and the dogs are shedding, getting ready for that snow! The evenings are cooler. The leaves have not begun to turn yet, but soon, I expect. And signs are going up for the local Applefest and Scarecrow Fest.

    I love fall!

  6. Nice pics. The maple leave is as green as I seen last year as I saw at WelcomeGet.


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