Saturday, September 17, 2011

Having a Jolly Good Time

The boys are playing with their deflated jolly ball. They had been playing tug-o-war for a while when I finally grabbed the camera. Unfortunately, I was zoomed in as far as I could go. As soon as I went outside they dropped the ball and turned their attention to me. 

But, it's still kinda cute!


  1. That is so cute!! Until you realize that they are holding something, it looks like they're kissing. Funny!!

  2. So cute, love how they turn together.

  3. That's adorable! Ben wishes someone would play with him, but alas, they won't. He rattles his toys all by himself.
    Terry at Moondance

  4. Tug of war! Sort of. I just walked around the perimeter of the horse paddock digging all the horse toys out of bushes. Bombay throws them over the fence like a dufus.

  5. Ha it looks like they are really kissing! haha

    And yes it is very cute! I bought one of those balls for Classic... he did not want to touch it. Jones on the other hand loves it!


  6. Too cute! "I'll take that" "No, I will" "Okay...we'll share" "Kidding! Yank, it's mine" Who was that, Pippin? Your haffies are sooo fun!!

  7. Very cute. That's so fun that they enjoy playing together. I thought they were smooching at first too.


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