Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tucker says....

Mmpphh phmm mphaw

This is what I get to see from my computer. What do you think Tucker is saying to me?


  1. "OMG, did I pull your hand off?"

  2. "You want it? Come and get it..."
    Too cute. My wiener dog loves my leather gloves too. If I take them off while working outside and set them down they WILL disappear...

  3. "Com on Ma, get away from that darn shadow box and come play with me!"

  4. You guys are good!
    Danielle, you hit it on the nose. That is one of Tucker's favorite games. He 'steals' something of mine and if I show the least bit of interest in getting it back, he takes off.
    Louise and Jeni, yup, he wants/needs me to play. He doesn't understand the Internet fascination!
    Susan...any excuse to go to the barn is welcome with Tucker!
    Nick...hey, welcome to my site! I have to admit he does have a slightly puzzled look on his face!

  5. My Aussies get that look all the time. It usually means, come on, let's go for a walk or at least outside for a while!! They have lots of energy, that's for sure!


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