Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Project - Week 10: Wood You Do This?

 A rose among thorns.... or a tulip among burdocks!

Tucker had a no good, very bad start to this week. He loves going to our project home, but he discovered that he is terrified of the pneumatic hammer that we are using to install the flooring. Terrified to the point that I found him in a doggie fetal position wedged between the tub and the wall in our bathroom. Poor guy. But, he loved the alternative: he got to go to day care at Camp Bow Wow! He LOVES playing with all of the dogs. 

This week we:
  • continued work in the Master Bath. The 'chocolate wall' got another coat of paint and I mortared some tile on the deck of the tub, as well as grouted it.
  • made a 'curtain' out of plastic to try to keep the pigeons out of the open end of the barn. The wire we installed previously keeps them from roosting in some spots, but they have found other niches that they like. 
  • put down wood flooring - lots of it! Last week we spent quite a bit of time planning; figuring out where to start on either side of the fireplace so that we would meet in the middle along the same line. This week things went quite smoothly. Oh, there were a few blunders here and there...cutting the wrong end of the board, etc. but it is looking great. We basically have the dining room left to do next week.
  • have a garage filled with boxes of kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will be installed next week - I am so excited!
  • put up two bird houses.
  • raked out one garden bed where we found more tulips. We also have daffodils and more crocus in our yard.  

When we left off last week, we had just completed 
the bay window in the eat-in kitchen area.
Tuesday - both sides now (no shot of LR, which has about 3 feet of flooring)

Wednesday - You might think I'm working,
but in reality, I'm praying - will it meet?

Thursday - it met!
(It doesn't look like we accomplished a lot,
but we had to do the pantry closet.
There was a lot of cutting and fussy work in there.)

Friday - ooohhh, my aching knees!

Saturday - the kitchen is finished!

Sunday - The Living Room is finished... 
well, except for one 3" strip!

Our Kitchen-To-Be


    1. I'm impressed! What a great feeling you have created.

    2. Wow, it looks great! Your new home is beautiful!

    3. The flooring looks wonderful! You are doing a great job.

      Those tulips made me think right away of the plant in the play "Little Shop of Horrors". They are looking up and saying "Feed Me!"

      Glad Tucker enjoyed his day at doggie camp.


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