Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Stills Challenge - Things That Start With the Letter "P"

Things that start with the letter "P"....
Why, Pippin, of course.

Here are the many faces of Pippin:


The End

To see more pictures of things that begin with the letter "P" click here to visit the Sunday Stills Challenge page that links to many other blogs. Have fun!


  1. I just adore Pippin. Such a cute little man. That third photo from the bottom is my favorite. And I noticed a face (or is it Phace?) on the wall. hee hee!


  2. Pippen is adorable. How did you happen to pick Haflingers as your horse of choice?

  3. Pippen is just beautiful! Love the last photo--I always take those of my donkeys :) LOL

  4. Beautiful! Is Pippin a Palamino? :)

  5. Lisa, you are right, I was grooming him one day and decided to be creative when I knocked the dirt out of the curry comb.

    Louise, I wasn't actually shopping for Haflingers. I love draft horses, but had decided they ate and pooped too much and I'm getting too old to try to climb on something that tall. We went to an auction and I fell in love with the team. So....we came home with them!

    dibear, Pippin is a palomino color but is a Haflinger. Haflingers are small draft horses and always have the palomino coloring.

  6. Pretty pony Pippin - I especially love the end...:)

  7. Yeay Pippin, love your Haffies! The End, made me laugh!

  8. Pippin is incredibly beautiful! Love your pics. Hey, you are the winner of my Bunny Sunday giveaway! Shoot me an e-mail (link on my blog) and I'll get your note cards in the mail to you. Thanks for visiting!


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