Monday, March 28, 2011

Cuteness - It's In the Cards!

A few weeks ago I left a comment at Heart of a Cowgirl's blog. Heart of a Cowgirl has a delightful blog with lots of pictures of adorable bunnies and her sweet Rottweiler puppy. She also makes nifty jewelry. Cowgirl asked us to pick three cards, for a giveaway, that we thought were the cutest and would like to have if chosen as a winner. The cards are from Sue Jackson-Andre's Etsy site.  Sue is the artist and has a number of cute cards from her artwork that she sells. I loved the picture of the "Checkered Giants" because I have never seen bunnies colored that way. The cat was cute, because he is is such a typical, silly cat pose. The third card is a drawing that Sue made of Cowgirl's bunnies, Nutmeg and Patches. 

A few days later Cowgirl had her new Rottie puppy Bootsie, pick a winner.
This is the picture Cowgirl posted
showing Bootsie picking a slip of paper. 
(Just in case you couldn't figure out what you were seeing!)

 Earlier this week I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox.
I have three beautiful cards, a sweet note from artist Sue, 
and a magnet with a picture of her bunny, Clovis.

 Thank you, Cowgirl and thank you Sue. I am so happy to have won such a 'won'derful giveaway!


  1. congrats on the big win! Very cool! I love it when people do "give aways" of stuff that's made by them or people they know! Have to support our artists, both large and small scale!

  2. Congrats on the artful win, the drawings are wonderful. I did have to look hard at the first picture.


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