Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Project - Week 9: Got Wood!

We had a visit from our Realtor this week. Since she had seen the house in its 'before' state she was more than aware of how much has been done in 9 weeks. Her oos and ahs  made me feel great! She can't wait to see it in its 'after' state! Me too!

This week:
  • Tucker decided to 'plant' his bone in the middle of a tulip patch in the back yard. :-(     As spring comes to our area we are finding small treasures in the yard, hardy plants that have survived several years of neglect.
  • I began to tile the tub surround. We visited a discount tile center and found travertine tile that we both liked. The tub and shower will be in a walnut color. The floor will be lighter.
  • My hubby finished cutting and installing the sub-flooring that will be under the kitchen cabinets
  • I painted the 'chocolate wall' in the master bath. 
  • We began installing the wood floor. We selected a hand-scraped warm oak. We were concerned about going with too dark a color since our house has porch overhangs. Our biggest challenge is making sure that the wood in the living room and the wood in the eat-in area of the kitchen come together around the fireplace along the same line. Planning and laying out the flooring has taken us hours!
  • We replaced ceiling light fixtures on the main floor where lights were removed during sheet rock repair.
  • We got a sneak preview of our cabinets as they sent a cabinet door that wasn't ready for shipment with the rest of the order. The entire order will be delivered Tuesday evening. 
  • We made the mistake of stopping by a nearby nursery. We bought two trees that were 75% off! We now are the proud owners of a weeping larch and a red bud that will have white blossoms.

 We found this cute little crocus along the east side of the house. 
It even had a bee in it when I went to take a picture, but Tucker
lunged at the bee and scared it away!

We have to tile the tub deck and get the tub back in place before the bathroom cabinets can be installed. 
But...before we can finish the tub deck I need to tile the front of the tub, and before I can finish the deck and finish the tile in front,  we need to know exactly how the cabinets will fit in the space. It is a logistical nightmare!

Here is one of the cabinet doors. This one is prepped for glass since the manufacturer did not have the glass I wanted. Maybe some day I'll do some stained glass work for the two doors that will have glass.

It's a start!  This week we'll be spending a lot more time on our knees; fitting the wood, cutting end pieces and then nailing the boards down. We are fretting about the living room side and the kitchen side meeting at the right place in front of the fireplace. We will be doing some praying while on our knees!


  1. Wow, what progress! Things are looking good.

    You may have many surprises pop out of the ground before summer reaches us.

  2. You guys are very busy. That's a lot of work. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Hardwood Flooring Pro

  3. Hey there, Charlie. Thanks for stopping by. Can we call on you if we get in a tight place?!!!

  4. WOW !! What a lot of progress! That bathroom job sounds like a nightmare in itself!

  5. That IS a lot of work. Glad you're praying. I'd prolly be cussing.

  6. I agree; lots of progress - that bathroom is going to be so nice when its finished!

  7. Hi Dreaming,

    It was a pleasure.

    Go ahead and call - we're always glad to help. :-)

    Hardwood Flooring Pro


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