Friday, March 11, 2011

A Spoof on Poop

I wrote this piece a few months ago and never posted it. It is fun to see it now and to remember how cold it was then. Spring is definitely on its way - I saw a few blades of green grass in the pasture this morning. Hooray!

I am going to market my horse poop. It is by far the best insulation I have seen. I bet its R-value is higher than anything else on the market.

In late January and early February we had snow: only an inch or two at a time - but it came down just about every day. We had cold temperatures: -21 and at least one day where it never got above 0.
I must confess my slackness. I did not go out to do battle against horse poop in the paddock under those conditions. Two weeks later we have sunshine. We have temperatures in the 50's. We have frozen poopsicles all over the paddock. We have rivers of filthy water making its way downhill in the paddock, around the haphazardly placed piles. The piles are like broody hens, fiercely protecting little piles of ice and snow. We have broken tines on manure rakes. We have horses that want to help. Now I know why I usually clean the paddock while the horses are happily munching their morning hay!

Hay, Doc. Do you think we should 
help my Mrs. Owner?

It kinda smells. I'm not sure 
I want to mess with it. 

I can't get a hold of this thing. 
How does she do it? 

Let me see if I can get it.

 Hey, boys, why don't you play with the ball. Down here. Away from where I am trying to work

Uh, it's in the snow. I can't reach the handle.
Let's go back to the wheelbarrow.

I said it first. It's mine.
Go away! 

 Last spring I wrote a more serious blog post about manure and composting. If the subject is of interest to you, that post is here: The Scoop on Poop

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  1. LOL! Poop is a friend as well as a foe. I can't wait till I've got chickens again. When I had them they scratched 'round in the stuff and it was much easier to deal with. After I sold them, now it just piles up, and up, and up!

    Thanks so very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  2. So funny. I love your photos. Great sense of humour you have. B

  3. That was the best entry! I laughed all the way through it. You're a good writer and your pictures and "quotes" were priceless.

  4. Try a pick axe to break it up. Saves the muck rakes big time. We went from snow, to rain, to snow. It's been three weeks since I was last able to clean up in the paddock. Not looking forward to it now at all.
    Love your pix and narration. Nosy Haflingers make the bestest photo ops!

  5. We do use ours, in the garden, on the pasture, and maybe now, for insulation!

  6. Great take on a usually ignored subject.

    Your photos are gorgeous too. I'm looking forward to following you and figuring out how to make mine look half that good.

  7. Great pics, being from Philly I can't offer much info on the insulation value of poop... But, hey now, everyone should play nice:@)

  8. Lol, my hubby would love to have your horse poop! He just planted his potatoes a few weeks back, but before he did, he went to his cousins pig farm and loaded the truck up with "compost" as they call it. You should pile it up somewhere, some gardener would love to have that stuff. Girl you have a gold mine! :)

  9. They do look like such good helpers! I must say the llama's poop doesn't completely freeze even in the coldest temperatures when he makes his lovely pile. It's really hot stuff!

  10. lol! Very cute. I'm not missing poopcicles at all.


  11. Really cute post, and GREAT pics!

  12. I thought those were Haffies! I just read Pippins intro. I also have a Haflinger gelding, he is 14 years old. :)

  13. This is too funny--great spoof--I think you were reading their minds!!
    Thanks for sharing with Farm Friend Friday!!


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