Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Project - Week 7: 'Twas

'Twas week seven of work on our project house
And most of its been done by me or my spouse.
But due to our ages there are times we've conceded
And hired in help when we've felt it was needed.
So this week the plumber came and he plumbed
My hubby can do PVC but with copper pleads dumb.
The sheet rock guys hung up the walls and the ceiling
We've done it before, but seeing them do it was appealing.
Now grab brushes, grab paint cans, grab putty and spackle
Get the paint on the walls and the ceilings; the trim is a hassle.
Paint the corners, paint the molding and even the doors;
When that's done it will be time to tackle the floors!

 Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

Basement - Before

Basement - After

This week we:
  • used some sort of gray goopy stuff to seal the joints on all of the duct work I could reach. The original installer used duct tape. Sounds like a reasonable 'fix' but duct tape shouldn't be used on ducts! It dries out and allows air to escape. (Some times we think that Holmes is making comments over our shoulder as we find poor construction in the house!)  
  • paid a bunch of $$$ to the plumber to get the pipes ready to hook up our shower and tub.
  • watched guys hang, mud and tape the sheet rock. We now have a ceiling in the living room and walls and ceiling down in the basement. The place looks quite a bit different!
  • finished the half bath - it now has the appropriate equipment and a door, and can be used! We can actually wash our hands without running down to the laundry sink in the basement.
  • painted the dining room - just a bit of trim left to go
  • Strung wire from nails in the barn to discourage pigeons from roosting and nesting there. One mama kept coming back, so we hung up our plastic owl - knock on wood....haven't seen her again.
  • Watered trees and shrubs - sounds silly to put on a list, but I don't think those poor things have been watered in years!


  1. That's a lot to get done in one week. You must feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I hope that there was a little time in there to kick back and play with the ponies.

  2. Dreaming, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on our Clifford. He will be greatly missed.

    It's a pleasure to find your blog. We have a lot in common - horses, retired, living in Colorado, paying too much for hay, and even a project house! We live near Elizabeth, which is east of Castle Rock.

  3. That is some project, and you guys are doing a great job. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Hi Dreamin,

    I have to tell you your post looks a lot like the one I'm getting ready to do on our house blog. I cut and hung insulation all day yesterday. And, I woke up with itchy eyes today. I wore a mask over my mouth/nose, but glasses steam up when you put them on with a mask. What a job. I told my husband, "Just think, we only have about 12 more rooms to go!" AUGH!

    Cindy Bee

  5. I'm a friend of Once Upon an Equine - she sent me a link to your blog. We just finished a remodel ( in southern CA so I can feel your pain.
    I loved the poem. I did haiku's:
    Drywall, I love you
    Holes in walls covered quickly
    View of neighbours gone
    I'm an artist so I love art shops too. They are exciting but the costs do add up. There's always new stuff to buy and try.


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