Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunny Sunday Garden Shots

I love gardening. However, between lousy weather, our trip and the issues with my arm pit, I haven't been able to get out to do much of anything. I hate that! But, my garden is marching on without me! How satisfying to see the results of my labors over the past few years!

Yellow Columbine

A frilly Iris

 Wild Blue Flax

Our 'Mustard & Ketchup' rose...
waiting to be planted!


Another rose...
With a friend!

 Bleeding Hearts

Ice Plant

Poppies & White Iris

I adore poppies. Last year I finally bought two plants. These are the first blossoms to open. Our white iris looked 'lost' against the white picket fence, until the poppies opened! Now they make a stunning statement!


  1. Poppies are beautiful :) I'm so glad everything is blooming so you can enjoy it! :) Everything is so gorgeous!

  2. Great flowers have so much blooming! :)

  3. I am charmed with all your flowers and I love that mustard/ketchup rose!


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