Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Centus: Old Glory

It is time for another Saturday Centus. Jenny has provided us with a picture prompt again this week. Appropriately, for our Nation's "Birthday", this week's picture is Old Glory.... an Old Glory who has seen better days.

Jenny provides us with the rules:

Write 100 words about the picture
Style of writing: Any

She also asks us to visit other entries. I always find it fascinating to see how different the responses are from each other. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

There she is, 
tattered and torn...
Some say, like the flag, 
our Democracy is worn.

Our forebears came together
and fought for our rights.
Now selfishness rules
and apathy blights.

The Government legislates,
And the courts uphold.
Laws seem to contradict
the ideals of old.

Their measures split us apart
like the threads on the seam
of the flag in the picture.
Is this our American dream?

I say it’s time 
to revisit the plan.
Recall freedom of choice,
and justice for each man.

Tattered, or whole
the flag is still there.
Remember the values.
Show our nation we care.


  1. In some ways I love the tattered flags the best.

  2. Your sentiments are bold and I second them. Patriotism needs a rebirth and I am proud to be a patriot.

  3. Very well done!!!


  4. Hi, Thanks for visiting me. I think that Gypsy and Tucker would be wonderful playmates, and Mama Boots too as I have three cats of my own!

  5. That first stanza is incredible.

    This is really, really well done!

    Thank you for linking your powerful words!


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