Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to Europe

We are on the road again. We left home one week ago and went north to a rally in Gillette, WY. There were 2300 motorhomes for attendees and another 300 that belonged to vendors. Wow! That's a lot of motorhomes! We were parked in parking lots and fields around the Cam-Plex in Gillette. Just about every nook and cranny was filled with motorhomes. If I could have taken a ride in an airplane above the grounds, it might have looked something like this, with motorhomes parked where you can see them in the picture and also where I drew in the red squiggly lines. There were motorhomes everywhere!

We were parked in the squiggle under the "l" in the word, "Display". While at the rally we:

 looked at new motorhomes on display, 
went to workshops, 
shopped in a vendor area, 
went to concerts,
visited with friends,
ate junky food,
and walked...
walked some more...
and some more!

Then, the rains came. We had storms on Friday. We had storms on Saturday.... with hail. Luckily, the hail never got to the 'baseball' size they were predicting. 

The insurance companies would have had a ton of claims if that had happened with all of those motorhomes and cars exposed to the weather!

Sunday morning it was time to leave. Well.... it was time for folks to try to leave. It was muddy. Motorhomes were getting mired in the mud.

And, the photo I missed? As I walked the dogs, I saw a fella try to pull his 40' motorhome out of the mud with his jeep. Guess what? The jeep couldn't do a thing. The motorhome was still stuck in the mud. 

We waited until almost noon, giving the Wyoming sun the opportunity to dry the mud out, a bit. Mr. Dreamy did a great job of driving... and negotiated the slight hill and the mud with ease. No tires spinning. Just steady progress. We were on our way.

We thought we were traveling through Wyoming and into Montana.... until we saw this:

Wait! Didn't we leave Amsterdam last month and come home? How can this be? It seems that there must be some sort of  wrinkle in time going on... and we are back in Europe. When we stopped at a gas station, they even had the famed Dutch caramel waffle cookies on the counter! It turns out that there is a bakery in Billings that produces the Dutch treat.

My thoughts  about the existence of some sort of tesseract were supported by this sign the next day:

Amazing....  we found a new route to the old world that doesn't require crossing the ocean! Well, maybe not....


  1. That is a handy way to travel to Europe. :)
    There were sure a lot of motor homes at that show, and glad you got underway easily after all that mud.

  2. Sounds like y'all are living a dream.


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