Friday, June 14, 2013

Life in the Commune

We are settling into a life with three families in the house. The dogs have all learned to get along, with only a few tifs between Gypsy and Revel, a Vizsla who thinks he should be in charge! The gecko acquired a larger home as she was evacuated in a small carrier. When everyone evacuated, we all figured it would be for a day or two. Now our friends are realizing they need this.... or that.... or forgot to bring something or another with them.
The horses seem quite content. The pair of horses I first picked up are named Andy and Star. The horses that arrived on Wednesday are named Fancy, Andy and Star. What are the chances of having four horses that share the same two names?!
The update on the fire this morning was quite upbeat. The firemen were able to establish a few lines and hold them during the night. All of the active fires were within the areas that had experienced fire previously. There were no fires outside of the original burn.
The burned area looks like this:

The yellow dots show hot spots detected by satellite. I believe that the yellow spots outside of the red area are not actually fires, based on the reports we have received. My friends live just to the left of the northern-most "bunny ears".
Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and good wishes. 

Here are the details of the fire as of 7:45 AM:

Containment: 5 percent
Deaths / injuries: 2 deaths / 0 injuries
Acres burned: 15,700
Homes burned: 379 destroyed / 9 damaged
People evacuated: 41,000 people
Homes evacuated: 14,000
Evacuation area: 55 square miles.
Firefighters on scene: 800 estimated


  1. How great that you and Mr. Dreamy can help your friends with a place to stay and are also able to board their horses. It's unbelievable that another fire should happen so close to last year's terrible fires in Colorado. I hope Terry and David are OK. It looked so close to Moondance Ranch when it first started. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Your friends must greatly appreciate your temporary sanctuary. How funny those horses share names. What a rough situation about the fires.

  3. Is that Andy the paint and Star the POA? From the neighborhood? I'm so glad you can help everyone. We're doing good, but Vonda gave me quite a scare this morning. I was at a stoplight, waiting to turn left onto Parker Road (you know how busy and congested that is!) Vonda, in the back seat of the truck, put her paws on the armrest and activated the window button. The window rolled down and she jumped right out! I was so scared. I jumped out of the truck (thankfully remembering to put it in park first, and grabbed her. The man in the truck behind me was patient while I got back in as the light turned green. What an adventure this has been. But we are good, safe, and comfortable. Hope all is well in your "commune". Misty and the minis are doing well and getting lots of attention and the fairgrounds. There are a lot of beautiful horses there. I've been taking pictures, but alas, in the frenzy of evacuating I grabbed my iPod cord and not the camera cord. :-)

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  4. Oh my goodness. I read about all of this and it seriously brings tears to my eyes. Happy tears that you and Mr. Dreamy are able to help, and sad tears for those who have lost so much. We drove right through it on our way to AZ. Prayers for everyone.

  5. Oh man! I've been behind. I heard about the fires but didn't realize you'd be evacuated and so close. We have family in Fort Collins. I'm so glad you are safe and hope you continue to be. So horrible for people :( Sending prayers.

  6. Thinking of you and praying for safety! (we have family in Fort Collins too...not sure just how close that is to you)

  7. I am glad you are safe and have been able to help as well. I sure wish I could send some of our rain your way. Good luck and be safe.

  8. i came over from feral's place today to just say we're thinking of all of you. bless colorado.

  9. What a lovely, generous heart you have!


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