Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Centus: Breathe

How does Jenny do it? Each week she comes up with a prompt for writers to respond to on their blogs. That can't be easy for her! This week her prompt is so 'spot on' with what is happening in my life, it is uncanny! (She types as her aching arm is a constant reminder of her recent biopsy procedure.)

However, I do need to say I don't have the doubts or concerns that I express in my poem... truly, I don't! So, not to worry, dear readers!

We were to write, using any style, with no more than 100 words, and 6 for the prompt:
I release all fears and doubts

My response is below. 
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It’s a small thing, really.
A little bump. Over here.
It doesn’t bother me much...
But there’s that infinitesimal, 
festering fear
in the back of my brain,
under the everyday stuff.
That tiny black pool of doubt - 
it’s enough.
The surgeon had her day,
The pathologist plays next.
Time to wonder and wait...
It’s the waiting I hate.

Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t.

I don’t like this game.
I wish I could turn off
that ugly voice in my brain.
When the cultures come back 
and I know they are clear,
only then will 
I release all fears and doubts
And live my life free. 

About the art: This original oil painting by Fernand Toussaint is available for sale at Ocean's Bridge


  1. I can so relate to this!! I hope all is well, and that the waiting goes quickly!

  2. Did I miss something, dear Dreaming? I didn't know you had a procedure done. I hope all will be well and the waiting over soon. I, too, can relate to this.

  3. I think everyone can relate to this . I certainly have!~Ames

  4. I hope everything goes well! Waiting is the very worst part...the not knowing!



  5. I am still recovering from the shock that my Godmother has breast cancer, she is 86 and refusing any invasive treatment just taking a tablet to halt the growth. I dont blame her , she is ready to meet God but more importantly be reunited with my mother who sadly died 34 years ago she was her best friend .
    Thank you.


  6. Beautifully done! You captured so much in so few liens.

  7. Wonderful expression. And as I read the prompt my personal thoughts are meanlingless compared to yours. Praying for you. I came over from Jenny's checking out the linky. My first time. I usually do her ABC Thursday linky.
    Nice to meet you.

  8. Oh.

    Sweet lady.

    I know these worries.

    The fear of the maybe...all the scenarious that go through your head.

    Praying for you as you wait this out.

    I'm going to scroll ahead in your blog to see if you've gotten any answers!

    Hugs and hope!


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