Saturday, June 15, 2013

No News is Good News

The El Paso County Sheriff suggested, yesterday morning, that folks wash their cars, park them in an open area and leave the windows open! Apparently it worked as the Black Forest area did receive a brief rain in the afternoon.

Last evening's press conference concerning the Black Forest Fire brought smiles to the faces around me. I could feel the spirits lift among the folks staying at our home. The winds were not as strong yesterday and the rain helped dampen things. The fire didn't escape any of the boundaries, so my former neighborhood remains untouched by the flames. Fire found areas of timber within the boundaries that hadn't been burned during the first few days. The number of homes destroyed by the fire has increased to 473 - yikes! I believe that some of the increase may be attributed to verification of addresses of homes that burned previously, not from new damage.... at least that's what I am hoping! There won't be an update until noon.

We have settled into a routine with three families living under one roof. It's actually quite enjoyable to have extra folks to help prepare food and clean up - just like "Sister Wives"! Well, maybe not quite like that!

In addition to basic house chores and horse chores we find ways to entertain ourselves. One day we all tried a new treat to us... kumquats! Have you ever eaten a kumquat? Here is a sequence of pictures of Angie with her first kumquat:

On another positive note, the mandatory evacuation for the area north of our former neighborhood has been removed. That means that my blog friend at Moondance Ranch can relax... at least for the moment.

This has been a wild, crazy week!


  1. I like your County Sheriff's sense of humor and his advice worked. We like kumquats, especially the skins which are sweet. Funny photos, the insides are rather tart.

  2. one month later after the fire, we had a party. yep. a potluck party in the middle of the mess in our mess of a house. And all the neighbors came over. and we sat and talked and ate good food and drank good beer and shared fire stories and laughed and sniffled together for SEVEN hours on a Sunday afternoon.

    our area has never been the same since, but the one thing it did do was bring us all together.... :)

  3. I got lost in the memory and forgot to add - girlfriend, YOU got some good parties coming up in your future LOL !!!!

  4. Hello I just came from Feral's blog and I am so sorry the people of Colorado are now going thorough the same as her part of Montana did. It makes me very sad and I remember how hard this was on her and still is. I am happy that it is contained and you are safe with new family. Her blog post will give people that glimmer of better things ahead I hope. Take care.

  5. Thanks for the update and Terry continue to be in my thoughts.

  6. I'm so glad you and your friends can share some fun in the midst of all this horror. And I am so glad Terry and David are out of danger for now. I will always care so much for them after they helped me with that harness for Soldier, not only that, but spent $25 on Express Delivery so he could get it right away. It still brings tears to my eyes, like right now. I better go. God bless you and the people who have suffered so much.

  7. Oh my.

    I love your spirit.

    I wonder with all the chaos of the fire, etc. your biopsy results are delayed.

    I'm really hoping and praying that everything is okay for you all!

  8. Stopping by from Feral's blog to let you know that you and all the folks in Colorado are in our thoughts during this time!

  9. Things are sounding better! Thinking good thoughts! :)

  10. Prayers for rain and the containment for the fire from Alberta Canada, would that I could send you our rain. Popped over from Feral woman's blog

  11. Oh wow what a relief to have a bit of positive news. I'm sitting by the fire as I type with the rain relentless outside ....simply pouring down. What a shame we cant wish it somewhere where it is needed ....sure as heck don't need it here!!!!
    Stay safe

  12. Wow! I just got caught up on reading your blog. I've been way too busy. I had no idea you had surgery, and the fire....oh my gosh. So glad you are safe. And I love how you are looking on the bright side of things, and staying positive. We have had so much rain here. I too wish I could send you some. It rained so much this past week that our Pond and some roads flooded again. Last year during the drought, I washed the cars AND hung laundry outside. You might try that!

    Cindy Bee


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