Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Centus: Double-Edged Sword

As I write this, it is thundering outside. We are being pelted by rain and hail. The motorhome is shaking in the wind. Oh, how I wish I could send this rain to Colorado, where even more fires are burning and threatening homes.

Jenny provided the picture picture below as the prompt for this week's Centus. My response, of exactly 100 words, is below. Follow this link to Jenny's blog to read other responses.

“Oh, Momma, look. It’s going to storm. Maybe we’ll get some rain this time.”
With a weary sigh, she glanced to the west, watching the towering clouds and the menacing blackness sweep toward them. 
“Oh, please,” said another of her offspring, “everything is so dry.”
Momma shivered in the wind. The storm was a double-edged sword; fire? or life-giving water?
Lightning cracked, followed by a thunderous boom. A wisp of flame erupted. A small plume of smoke made its way through the tree’s branches. 
The tree embraced her offspring as her dry leaves curled and began to smolder.


  1. Excellent and unsettling.

    Loved this.


  2. storms without water - that is what happened here last summer...but now we have had storms with water, and the grass is endless :)

  3. Wow, you drew me right in and now I feel dry and thirsty...Great writing !!! ;)

  4. Its a real shame how mother nature can be so fickle. Great take on this one.

  5. Oh no.

    This actually made me shiver.

    I felt the power of your words.

    And the power of what is to come.


    This was well done.


  6. Brilliant! Very powerful writing!

    Have a lovely weekend :)


  7. Powerful and eery...and too real this year.


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