Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday Centus (a day late): Peas in a Pod

In hopping around different blogs I came across Jenny Matlock's site. She offers a few interesting ways for bloggers to connect. She hosts Alphabe-Thursday, Storytime Tuesday and Saturday Centus. I hate to admit that I had to look up the word, "Centus"! Anyway, it sounded like a lot of fun so I decided to give it a whirl.  Well, OK, so I'm a day late! I'm calling it a snow delay - since I had to spend most of my time yesterday, Saturday, digging out from our storm!

The prompt this week is:   Two peas in a pod 
Word Count: 100, plus the five words of the prompt

You can use any style of writing and include any other picture if desired.

One thing I really like about Jenny's linked activities is that she incorporates additional rules:
Folks who link are encourage to read and comment on the five entries above and below their own on the list that appears on Jenny's page. What a fun way to meet other bloggers!
So, my "Two Peas in a Pod" entry is below. If you'd like to read other responses to the prompt, click on the Saturday Centus image to visit Jenny's site.

She said we had to write about two peas in a pod,
How hard could that be? Sounds like an easy job!
One hundred words plus five for her line,
Sure I can do that and it won’t take much time.
The hardest thing I’m experiencing is counting, 
you see
I don’t have a word editor that does that for me. 
So, sixty-two, sixty three.... I have a few more to go
Best get on with the topic, get on with the show.
My peas in a pod are my sweet, chunky horses
They are Haflingers and I love ‘em a lot... 
of courses!


  1. Cute. Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

  2. What stunning peas you have! A couple of beauties.

  3. I'm happy you found Jenny's's really quite fun...all of her blogs...and you aren't late at all...really it begins on Saturday for the Saturday Centus, and we have until the next Saturday to post! Sure more people try to post on Saturday, but it can be all week...same as checking out the other fun often takes me all week to get through all the stuff that I seems we all bring new and exciting twists to every prompt around! Best fun blogging ever!

  4. Cute! And welcome to the Centus!!


  5. Very cute, especially the "of courses" line. Welcome to the SC crew. We have a great time, and Ms. Matlock keeps us on our toes and inspired.

  6. oh vevy clever use of the prompt!!! and i love your horses ... well all horses ... I hope you stick around and continue to join us for saturday centus!!!

  7. We Centusians have a lot of fun on Saturdays. Hope you will join us permanently! Your horses are so beautiful!

  8. Camryn here:
    Peas? I didn't know Doc n Pippin ate peas!!!

  9. Love 'em lickin' their salt block. Mitch and Jet have one each of their own. It'll take Jet forever to make anything more than a dent in hers. Mitch is probably going to need one again fairly soon.

    At least it'll have taken him 4 months to finish it off. I was worried he'd eat the thing in days.

  10. This is absolutely adorable! I loved this post!

    You are quite a clever writer!

    It'll be fun to see what else you do with these silly prompt!

    I hope we see you again soon!

    Thank you for linking up!


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