Friday, October 10, 2014

Where the Redwoods Meet the….Grapes

As we drove south out of the massive redwood forests of California, 

Our friends, Phil and Donna, heading south.

We began to notice the vineyards.

Here we are, entering the rolling hills of Mendocino County.

As we continue, we see row after row of grapes.

It was amazing to see the grapes hanging on the vines. We were in the area just as harvest was beginning, or as they say in the area, "in crush". Although we saw very few workers in the vineyards, we saw plenty of trucks on the road shuttling grapes to one winery or another. As we drove up to more than one winery,  it wasn't difficult to detect the odor of grapes being crushed.

It was even more amazing to taste the grapes. Grapes used for wine are far smaller than table grapes, yet their flavor is far sweeter. Almost too sweet!

It turns out that the soil and climate of the coastal areas of California are just what grapes prefer. The warm days and cool nights (preferably below 60) allow full flavor to develop in the grape. This area (other than in recent years of drought) gets just enough rain for growth, but not too much that the flavors get diluted.

Mmmm… can't wait to taste some of the products from this region! More on that, later, when I get back from the vineyards!


  1. How far south are you coming?

    1. We are heading toward Yosemite, then back to the coast for Mnterey, then down to the LA AREA.

    2. Yosemite is fun! And I love Monterey. Love the aquarium.

      Are you taking the 5 or coming down the 101 cuz if you go that way, you're passing right through my neck o' the woods

    3. We take 1 from Monterey to Morro Bay, then work our way to 101

    4. Morro Bay is also awesome. I always wanted to go riding at Montana de Oro.

      Well them ma'am, coming down the 101 will bring ya through Goleta (where I live now) and Santa Barbara (where I used to live). Maybe we can meet up for lunch and you can meet Mitch and Jet for reals.

    5. Also, I'm presuming it'll be a few days before you head down this way? You gotta spend at least a day or two in Yosemite, and the Aquarium is really a whole day dealio

    6. Our son used to live in Santa Barbara. I know where Goleta is. We Re scheduled to visit Solvang on the 23rd, and travel to the LA area on the 24th.
      How cool would it be to meet!

    7. Maybe we could do lunch on the 23rd??

    8. I'm pretty sure I can do that. Or something. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately. It'd be cool to meet a fellow blogger!

      Or breakfast on the 24th (mmmm, Cajun Kitchen)

      We'll plan as the date get closer.


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