Monday, October 6, 2014

Wadda What?


While I'm on the topic of food...

We had great fun on our adventure making wadingers. Amongst great snickers and guffaws, we were instructed to take two triangles of crescent roll dough and cover the large end of the pole (a large, rounded dowel with a smaller dowel stick for a handle) tightly with the dough. Cook the dough over the fire until it comes off the dowel easily. Stuff it with… whatever you'd like! We used taco fixings, but you could easily use any chopped or ground meat, cheese, sauces, onion, etc.

picture by Alice Maitland

I also found (thanks to my good friend Google) that you could use biscuit dough and you can use either as a base for dinner, or for a dessert, filling it with ice cream, fruit, whipped cream… whatever!

It was all great fun, and yummy, too!


  1. What fun, Dreaming! I've made these! I can't remember where ~ probably in Newfoundland at a bonfire. I just remember that they were soooo gooood! We had them with jam and butter! Thanks for the memory ~ now if I could just remember all of it!

  2. Learn something new every day! I would like to try a wadinger! :)


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