Monday, October 20, 2014

Tucker Talks: Freeeee!

We went for a walk.
It was a long walk on a sandy path.
It smelled very interesting.

Unbelievably, once we got to the thing called "beach"
our Mrs. Owner let us go.
She never lets us go.
(On account of sometimes I pretend not to hear 
her when she wants me to come back.)


I ran this way…
and that way.

I chased the birds through the surf
even though I don't like water.

Then me and Gypsy saw another dog…
so much more interesting than the birds!

We went to investigate.
You humans probably can't even see the dog.
He's in the upper right corner of the picture.
He's kinda hard to see 'cause he's the color of the sand.


I did come back.


But, OMG… running felt so good!
Maybe our Mrs. Owner will take us to the beach again…
and let us run free!



  1. What fun! That beach looks like a great place to run!! :)

    1. It was a perfect place… very few people and only a few dogs. Of course, Tucker spotted the only one in that direction immediately!!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, Camryn, wouldn't it be fun to gallop down the beach with your lady on your back?!!

  3. What wild surf!

    The Pacific Ocean is so amazing, especially since it can be sooooo different in each part of the state depending where you are.

    Are the Dreamers in Monterey yet? Maaaay be yes, depending on that surf huh?

    1. The surf was even crazier the next day - so I was told. The puppies didn't get down to the beach as Dreaming didn't want to sludge through a half mile of soft sand to get there! Today we were near Big Sur - and the waves were AWESOME! I do love the west coast - it is so different from what I know having lived in SC.
      We are on our way to your neck of the woods tomorrow!

    2. Just in time too since I was up in the Bay area on Sunday and Monday, and only just got home early this morning.

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