Friday, October 31, 2014

By the Numbers: Home

We made it home!
Our trip was wonderful.

Map from Adventure Caravans

Here are a few numbers associated with the trip:

2783: miles driven before and after the tour
1429: miles driven on the tour
42: days on tour
40: number of people who went with us
14: campgrounds where we stayed
13: cats and dogs who came along
4: train and plane museums visited 
1: day with rain

Some of my favorite experiences on the tour:

Visiting "Between Golden Ears" blogger and
meeting Jet and Mitch

Seeing Elephant Seals on the beach

Canine Companions facility

Brunch on the Queen Mary

Ironstone Vineyards

Sacramento Railroad Museum

From museum web page

Rogue River jet boat trip

Jellies & Tentacles exhibits at Monterey Aquarium

From aquarium web page

Happy hours where we always had fun!

I wrote this poem to share at our last Happy Hour.
It is a brief summary of our trip.

How can forty-two days go by so fast?
This happy hour, dear friends, will be our last.
What will we do in the next few nights
When we wander around with no friends in sight?
Perhaps that won't be as bad as it sounds
because I, for one, have gained a few pounds!
But we have lots of memories that we all share
About food and wine and "Who", "What" and "Where".
From the huge blimp hangar filled with relics (like us?)
To trips through Yosemite hurrying back on the bus.
We saw lots of airplanes, light houses and trains, 
We had perfect weather, only one day of rain.
Seeing jelly beans made was more interesting than cheese,
And I didn't realize how much I would like the huge trees.
The jet boat was awesome and so was the food,
Even at the Cookhouse where the waitress tried to be rude!
The Napa Wine train was first class in every way.
And no one will forget the miracle of Jane and Ray.
We stopped by lots of small towns, all with cute shops.
Was it you who bought something at every stop?
We shared meals, and snacks and tasted some wine,
There were some great ones, and some... not so fine. 
We saw ale being made but couldn't quite hear
Just what is was that made it "rogue" beer.
We drove through some small towns where we were the parade,
To get to the campgrounds where we all stayed.
Some were on hills, a few were covered by trees.
Some folks didn't like that 'cause they couldn't get TV.
But despite folks arriving early, or all in one line,
Pat and Alice would get us parked in practically no time.
There were last minute changes because our group was so big;
Two campgrounds couldn't accommodate that many big rigs.
But making arrangements for changes, thankfully, didn't involve us.
The staff handled it all and we didn't see them fuss.
The travel days' challenges provided more stories and fun;
Did you see the signs? Miss the turn? Get there before one?
Tail gunners, John and Sally, were part of the crew,
But there were no break downs, so they had little to do!
Scott said writing that would jinx us, and guess what?
When we went to leave Flying Flags, our slide wouldn't shut!
Other than that the trip's gone without a hitch
Only minor issues fixed at campgrounds and basic service.
Jack's tire went flat while he was parked at the camp, 
And Jim Jerry-rigged his tow bar using duct tape as a clamp. 
We celebrated together, anniversaries and birth dates,
Did you keep count of just how many cakes were baked?
Many came as strangers, a few came with friends,
But we've become close as the trip nears it's end. 
I hated that the Laub's and Head's had to go
 But, things like that happen, you gotta go with the flow.
I won't say, "Good bye", because one thing I know,
I'll see you again on a trip, at a rally or show.
Travel in health and may God be on your side
As you travel down the road, I hope you have a smooth ride!


  1. Looks like your group (40, wow) had a lot of fun!

  2. Welcome home! What a fabulous trip!

  3. Welcome home! I'm impressed with your poem. I am too chicken to try writing seriously in rhyme, but you seem to do it just fine. Glad you had a safe and fun trip!

  4. What a great opportunity. So glad you enjoyed it :-D.

  5. So cool! What a great and fun trip :)


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