Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thanks for the Grub

Our group visited the Samoa Cookhouse for lunch. The cookhouse is located on a narrow peninsula along the Pacific, just a hop, skip and jump across a few bridges from Eureka, CA. The cookhouse has been serving food to hungry folks since 1890. In the beginning it served hungry men from the saw mill and longshore men and was known as the Hammond Lumber Company Cookhouse. Our meal was similar to what might have been served "back in the day", with generous portions, served by a friendly, but bordering on rude, waitress, in a "don't dawdle, pass your plates up to me, here's more food" way! (We had one waitress for our entire group. She was very efficient!)

When we entered the cookhouse we were shepherded into one of several dining rooms. There were 40 of us, but the room could have accommodated a group more than twice our size. The long tables, with the traditional red and white checked table cloths, were set with stacks of plates, bowls, a coffee mug and glass at each place. Salad, beans, croutons and carafes of coffee, water and tea were waiting. Oh, and did I mention the bread? Oh, my! The bread basket had lumberman-size hunks of fresh made bread in it - yum! We were asked to pass our salad bowls down and serving bowls of the best soup I have had in ages were placed plopped on the tables. 

This is at least part of our group. 
I'm in this picture. Well, you might notice the top of my
head just over the head of the lady in the blue shirt…
who is just behind the lady in the blue, white, & green shirt.

Photo by Alice Maitland

Soup was followed quickly by platters of pork roast and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. Plates were stacked and passed back to the waitress, who then instructed us to pass the pieces of cake down the line. If we wanted to ensure more servings, she suggested, we should lick the frosting before passing! 
According to some members of our group, we were out of the cookhouse in 32 minutes! (However, relaxing for a few extra minutes, or getting a few more bites of the delicious food was certainly a possibility.) Despite the quick service, it was an enjoyable and tasty meal. The cookhouse is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope we get back to this part of California some time to enjoy another meal. 

You can read more about this historic establishment by following this link


  1. My 85 year old mom goes on trips like this, with all the other old widow ladies from her retirement community. She always has a good time.

  2. That is such a beautiful part of California, good food too, that's just great.

    1. I have seen so little of California, so it has been wonderful to see different parts of the state. We've enjoyed beautiful scenes and lots of yummy food.

  3. I bet they have a marvelous breakfast! Those Lumber Camps were known for feeding the lumberjacks well:)

    1. They listed just about every breakfast food one could imagine. I think I'd gain several pounds at one meal alone

  4. It sounds like a fun place, Dreaming! That poor waitress! Imagine, move 'em in, move 'em out, over and over! I couldn't do it!


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