Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Name Dropping

So, there I am, touring the Simi Winery with Mr. Dreamy. We had an excellent tour of the facility. This original building was constructed around 1875. The left side of the building was constructed first, using local stones and mortar. After an earthquake, bolts were added to keep the building stable in future earthquakes. Later, using different laborers and materials, the right side of the building was constructed. You can see a difference in the rock. This side of the building was stabilized with an ingenious method using reinforcing rods inside.

Another neat thing about the building is that the founding Simi brothers dug into the hillside, since there were no caves like they were used to in Italy, where they first learned the wine making craft. This would naturally keep the fermenting wines cooler.

Yup, here we Dreamers are… 
looking happy as we think about the free tasting to come!
(Or perhaps we are looking happy having just come from another tasting!)

The tour was fascinating. I enjoyed learning about the historic winery in the Alexander Valley in wine country, USA.  Our tour guide took a moment to trace the ownership of the winery, from the Simi brothers...

 to daughter, Isabelle…

to "a company in New York."

My mind stewed on that for a minute or two (or maybe five), as the tour guide went on. He was talking about something else when I had to ask him to back up. 

"That company in New York," I inquired, "is that in Canandaigua, NY?"

"Yes," he acknowledged, "Constellation Brands."

"No kidding!" I said, possibly with my jaw hanging open a bit.

It turns out I know the Chairman of the Board of Constellation Brands.
Well, I knew him… way back when!

He's standing behind me in this graduation picture!
(You'll have to figure out which one!) 

Who knew?!

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  1. Interesting...they say you have something in common with every seventh person you meet:)


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