Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's a great day to stay inside and work on projects around the house!

It will be below zero tonight.

Even the dogs don't want to be outside for long...

Gypsy, it's your turn to bark. 
Tell her how cold we are 
and we want to come in, 

.... now!


  1. A snow mist ~ a frigid, freezing snow mist! I always feel guilty when the E~P has to face icy roads, and I don't have to go out! I am enjoying the first lazy day in ages! Forget house projects! I'm never going to get them all done. Maybe you should take out that paintbrush!!!

  2. Samson Says: Can I go there, mommy? Please, please!!

  3. Too funny! I have one dog that just goes nuts in this weather. She runs around like a wild thing, and wants to stay out way beyond the time she should come in. Her coat is soaked with our heavy, wet snowfall!

  4. I think Tucker has it right! Bring in the snowballs to melt on the floor! Stay warm we are headed for the deep freeze up here.


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