Friday, August 2, 2013

Tucker Talks: Play

Dogs at play....

I'll play with dogs, or cats,
Or kids, or sheeps.
Will you come and play with me?

I'll play with sticks and balls,
And girls and boys.
But Gypsy is my squeaky toy!

She only squeaks if when I bite too hard!

Stuffed animals are so overrated!

Don't run away! Come play with me.

Last year we adopted Gypsy, in part so Tucker would have a companion. Within days they began to play with each other. Seeing two herding dogs trying to push each other around can be amusing! It is great fun to see the 'give and take' when these two are at play. Even though Gypsy is smaller and Tucker outweighs her by about 30 pounds, she has no problem dishing it out. In fact, the games are controlled by Gypsy. When she has had enough, she will, not so subtly, let Tucker know! 

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  1. Tucker will play with a rock if need be!

    Thanks for joining the FitDog Friday hop. Tucker and Gypsy have perfected the art of having fun while staying fit.


  2. Men at work! lol! Its funny how they have to announce that! :) Our heeler dogs play too and the smaller one is always the boss! Little package - big attitude.

  3. They look like the have fun together, but I couldn't see the video, it says it's private :(

  4. My two dogs don't play with each other much. I wish they did. It's fun to watch.


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