Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Deer in the Night

The deer have been plaguing us, and the plague is just beginning. The scorched prairie grasses around us offer little browse for the deer, so they boldly ravage our shrubs and gardens...and our new trees. They are eating things deer aren't supposed to like to eat - but those things are green and growing. The living plants have chlorophyll that works its magic, turning sunlight and water into sugars. The dried grasses no longer manufacture sugar, and probably don't taste nearly as yummy... to a deer.

Mr. Dreamy likes to 'hunt' the deer at night - with a flashlight. He steps out during commercial breaks, stalking the deer and chasing them off. Last night, the doe would not be chased away. She jumped the fence and stood her ground. (Sadly, we didn't have a camera that could do the job... but I found images that sorta look like what we saw!)

When Mr. Dreamy turned, he discovered why. Her twin fawns were trapped in our yard. They were too small to jump the fence, as momma had done, and too large to crawl under it. So momma waited for Mr. Dreamy to leave.

Mr. Dreamy turned his back, and the fawns disappeared! Evidently they hunkered down in the grasses or the clumps of wild current. They did a fabulous job as Mr. Dreamy could not find them, even with his very bright flashlight.

Momma hung around. When Mr. Dreamy left, evidently she returned to the aid of her fawns. And, since there are no deer in that corner of our yard this morning, I can only assume she escorted her youngsters out the gate.

Perhaps I should check with Santa about bringing a trailcam for Mr. Dreamy.... nawwww, it might be too upsetting to see just how many deer visit our flowers.


  1. Thank goodness there is some green for them otherwise the picture would be bleak.

  2. I feel bad for the animals too, but still, I know how you feel. We hardly ever see deer around here, but this year, I have seen many and tracks of more. They come to drink from our dripping faucet, but have not tried to get into the garden since the five-foot fence was put up. But rabbits ate the roses, and the rosemary bush in our front yard last year. Quick like that, it was all gone. These are such tough times for the animals.

  3. Awww it's nice to see them but yes they sure can cause trouble. But it's rough on them right now. Such sweet pictures.

  4. Sorry they cause so much trouble. I like seeing them, but don't have any here.


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