Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Centus: Back to School

Today's Saturday Centus was a breeze. Jenny Matlock asked us to use the words "campaigning as Mayor of Stress Town" with at least 100 other words in our writing. Easy peazy (or should that be Eazy Peazy... or Easy Peasie... or....) 
I have had numerous sorties in that campaign - it happened every year as school began again. Those first few days of school pin the needle on the 'Stress-o-meter' at the top. Factor in a life outside of school as mother, wife, Cub Scout den mom, dog walker and 'chef, cook, bottle washer' and you have a mountain of stress. 

My most memorable campaign began on that first day.... only this time I had to contend with 'the baby'. But, "I am woman... I am invincible" came into play. I can do EVERYTHING! And I did... 
I showered
I dressed
I fed the baby
I fed myself
I bathed the baby 
I dressed the baby
I packed the diaper bag
I packed my lunch
I packed my bag

I am ready to walk out the door

Just in time!

...then the baby cried

Yes... he did.
True story!
First day of school - 1986

Although I am now retired, I still get that stressed-out feeling as fall approaches. Today's Saturday Centus, in 107 words,  is dedicated to all of those wonderful educators who are heading back into the trenches. Bless you for the work you do. You are unsung heroes!

She was in a tiz, running a mile a minute. She grabbed the diaper bag, grabbed the kid, grabbed the clothes and ran out the door. She ran back for her purse, oh, and the keys. Let’s see, drop the laundry at daycare, the kid at the cleaners, pick up the donuts at the printers, and the copies at the grocery. Wait... switch that all around. Need to call downtown, send out the memo, draft the email to team leaders and find the data for the meeting. 

Hold on a minute.....

Are you campaigning as Mayor of Stress Town? 

Nope... just the beginning of another school year!

To read other responses to Jenny's challenge, click on the image below.


  1. Are you going back to school? For some reason I got it in my head you were retired.


  2. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be done with school. I'm in my mid-forties and still taking courses online to try and further my education.

  3. That is brilliant . I know exactly where you were coming from

  4. I love this!

    And I remember this feeling.

    We still get it some with Grandlittles...but, oh, the worries and stress of those first days of school!

    This was neat writing.


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