Tuesday, August 27, 2013

.... and Two for Trees

.... we decided to visit just one more tree farm. This one was on the other side of the city,  a bit more than an hour from our home. We had seen the farm on a recent RV trip and it looked like it had a huge selection.

We were on our way again....

We were not disappointed. We were escorted around the property on a golf cart. The tree farm/nursery covers 35 acres of land! The fellow taking us around was knowledgeable. Most of their trees were 50% off. We were looking for limber pines and Canada Red cherry trees. The limber pines were too large for us to handle, and the delivery fee would be far too high since we lived so far from the tree farm. But, he showed us some nice-sized, easy enough to handle, Austrian Pines. They would perform as nicely as the limber pines... so, we picked out two. Then we went to see the cherry trees. We selected two multi-stem branching trees. Then... we stopped by to see one more tree. It was love at first sight. We purchased a Downy Hawthorn.

Do you see why we fell in love?

We found our trees: nice quality, and nice price. So, they were a little smaller than we wanted, but we would be able to plant them ourselves, and save even more money. Win. Win!

The trees were bound and wrapped for transit.

Personnel from the tree farm loaded them in our truck.

Mr. Dreamy cranked up his lawn mower on steroids
to unload the trees. 

The next morning we started the process of planting.
Oh no!

Our soil is clay. It has been baking in the sun all summer.
In 15 minutes we were able to dig out a few 'bricks',
but we didn't make much headway.

Time to bring in the big guns...

It worked well!

The trees are planted and they are looking great!
Now, they just have to grow.... a lot!


  1. Good choices now water them a lot so they put out some roots! Smaller trees often surpass the larger ones because they don't have so much growth to support while trying to put on more:)

  2. That's good that you found a good deal. Your tree shopping made me think of Christmas trees. :)

  3. Very pretty tree. Water, water, water and a little fertilizer! :)

  4. Ohhh that's exciting! Very pretty!


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