Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scene Along the Road: Bison

What did Mama Buffalo say to her son when he went off to college?


These cute little (?) fellas live just down the road from us. The majority of the pasture isn't visible from the road, so it is rare to actually see them. Up until last week I thought there was only one calf. It was a pleasant surprise to see two of them.


  1. So good to see them. My friend Rachael is in charge of a herd of 13, I think, in the State Park where she works. Plus a lot of other critters too. And when I worked at the donkey rescue, I got to sort of know one. One of the Catalina Island bisons, much smaller than the ones on the prairie, but still, I was in awe of her.

  2. Its cool that you can observe nature! Bison are cool!

  3. That joke is amazing. OMG...

  4. This is great! What a beautiful sight!

  5. Funny joke! I like watching bison run. I've never seen one in the wild tho. Maybe someday? Nice to have them as neighbors.

  6. How fun to live near bison! Liked the joke! Have a good weekend!

  7. I've always wanted to raise some bison, but ... the answer was always no. Lucky you.

  8. Baby Buffalo are on my photo bucket list...maybe someday:)


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