Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Centus: Verboten

Jenny has a different sort of challenge for us this week. First, she has challenged us to use exactly 100 words. I always try to hit the word count on the head, so this isn't new for me. However, there is another twist to her prompt. We must write about the word “FORBIDDEN”, but using that word in our writing is verboten! I added another angle in my response.... see if you notice it!

Despite the dissonance clanging in her head she timidly raised her hand... just a bit. Enough. Her gesture was acknowledged. Babble swirled through her brain; Ben's stern words intermingled with the monotonous chant of the auctioneer. She was torn; obey her man's edict that she could not buy, or follow her heart. She raised her hand again, counting her money. The words swirled above her, out of reach.  As she left the arena, a small hand touched her arm, “I'm sorry. Thanks for biddin’ on ‘em,” said the young boy who earlier had been lovingly brushing the old, broken pony.

You can read other responses to Jenny Matlock's challenge by clicking on the link below:

Jenny Matlock


  1. Oh my, this really tugged at my heart!!! Excellent story! I was right there, watching the whole thing!

  2. Oh dear, that is so sad, I hope the pony finds a loving home. Yeah, it is fiction I know.

  3. Oh, tears, so sweet and so sad. You are really good at these 100 words stories, I would need at least 200.

  4. nailed it... i think i have something in my eyes...'xcuse me...

  5. Awwww.....sniff sniff....did she get the pony? I know, I know, but tell us more anyway...or is it forbidden?

    Cindy Bee

  6. This was a beautiful, heartwarming centus. Good thing it didn't have to be longer. I can only take these type for a little bit. It breaks my heart even though she bought the horse, ha!

  7. Oh my, oh my.....where oh where are my kleenix boxes when I need them. Great although sad, post.

  8. I'd follow my heart! I too hope the pony found a home.

  9. Nice job! So that we are all interested in a fictional pony...and want to read more :-).

  10. Oh my gosh.

    This was just heart wrenching.

    I loved the direction you took this word...even though it made me tear up!

    I wish everything had a home...

    ...and the whole world was happy.

    Just wonderful.


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