Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tucker Talks: Damn... Deer!

Tucker here. I am being held hostage on a motorhome. Please send help. Gypsy and I are forced to endure all sorts of torture. We can not run free. We are tied up all of the time, or we are walked on leashes. And the worstest thing is that we have to poop with our mom or dad watching - and then they pick up our little dog logs in little bags. Eeeyuck! You have no idea how human-iliating it is.
We are not allowed to get on the furniture. Well, my mom puts things all over the furniture to discourage our lounging there. Don't tell her, but sometimes we jump up there and take a nap, just to show her!
Anytime I bark, someone tells me to shush. Geesh. It isn't fair.

And today, damn... there was a doe. Right there. Practically right outside our door. I barked... and barked. I tried to tell my mom and dad to let me out. I wanted to chase her away. No doing. Nothing worked. They wouldn't let me out... and the doe didn't budge. I really woulda coulda shoulda been let free to herd her away!
Please send help. Send a knife so I can cut the tie out. Please come open the door of the motorhome... or tell your friends to come by and help us escape. There's a dog bone in it for you!

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  1. Hah! My dog would feel the same way...except for the barking part. She's a Ridgy and doesn't even bark, but she loves chasing deer and rabbits. Oh, and he is also a furniture hog, like all Ridgies.

    Sorry Tucker, my Ridgy says she's too tired to come.

  2. Oh Tucker I know just how you feel. I would love to chase the deer with you and man that dog bone sounds delish. Bingo

  3. Tuck is quite beautiful! From your side pic. Love the blue eyes! :) I'll come get you Tucker and you can chase deer with Smokey and Bandit. :)

  4. This was really well done! I loved it! And great picture, too.

  5. Tucker...I feel for ya. Hey...are there little pushy-downer-button-thingies on the windows at the front of the motorhome? Put your paw on one. Maybe the window will roll down and you can jump out. It worked for me. Good luck. I'm rooting for you. Your canine friend, Miss Vonda Rhonda whose Corgi half is always looking for mischief.

  6. Where are you? I hope someone comes to help soon. If you were close to Minnesota I would be there in a flash. Chance:)


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