Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Centus: Swinging

Jenny provides us with a picture AND some words to light the spark for our creative writing this week. We are to use no more than 100 words, plus the 10 in the image, for a total of 110. This week I broke my own, self-imposed rule of hitting the word count on the head, having decided that at 90 words I have down what I want to say.

Jenny encourages us to visit other blogs and read their efforts. I always find it fascinating to see how others respond. Click on the Saturday Centus image below to be magically transported to Jenny's site. Once you get there, scroll down to find the links to other blogs. 
Happy Reading!

Flying through the air 
An amazing thing
Birds on the wing
Don’t you wish you could fly?

Pumping and pulling
Push the swing high
Then you can fly
I’ll make it some day, I know.

I can fly in my dreams
Earth won’t let go
This I now know
But I still wish that I could fly.

Air brushing my face
Legs straight, then they bend
Back and forth with no end
How do you like to go up in a swing?

My friend's daughter and her teddy bear


  1. Taking teddy to swing too, is a real blast! Great poem.

  2. What a great capture of what going up in a swing can be. I love the picture too, teddy is swinging with his girl.

  3. i am sat here rocking like an idiot great poem

  4. I love this.

    I want to go dig out my 12 string guitar and write music for this.

    The rhythm was so tangible and lovely!


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