Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laundry Day

Our motorhome has a combination washing machine and dryer. I love it! I enjoy not having to lug my laundry to the washing machines at a campground (or worse yet, trying to find a laundromat), and having to wait for free machines, and needing to have enough quarters, and carrying laundry detergent, and having to wait or worry about someone taking my clothes, and having to go back and put clothes in the dryer, and... and... and...

The washing machine is amazing. It washes the clothes, and then moves into a drying cycle - all in the same drum. However, I guess because of the smaller size of the drum, the clothes come out very wrinkled. The work-around for this is to only partially dry the clothes, and then hang them, or hand press them and lay them flat.

So, laundry day can look very messy while it is in process - with clothes hanging from every possible point in the motorhome!

But, I'm certainly not going to complain! It beats having to go to the laundry centers!


  1. A combo washer/dryer? How cool is that!!!!

  2. I hate the laundry centers too - you cannot beat having your own set!!

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  4. Man that is some kind of motor home you got there!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Traveling around the country in a motorhome is my mom's dream too! She and dad would love to do that when they retire. (Actually they'd love to do it now, but they have this thing called work they have to go to every day.)



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