Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Again.... Again!

We are home. 
We have been gone for 6 weeks. 
It doesn't seem like that long...
sometimes it seems far longer.

How does time do that?

We travelled 2,382 miles.

This summer's trip was mostly about connecting with friends and family.
We began our trip at the FMCA Rally in Gillette, WY,
camping with 2300 other motorhomes.

We traveled from there to McCall, ID to spend
some time with my brother and his wife.

Mr. Dreamy laughing at my SIL

Then, we began our trek back home,
stopping for a small owner's rally in Estes Park, CO,
where we explored the Rocky Mountain National Forest, 
enjoyed meals, took a tour of the Stanley Hotel,
 and played a few games with 8 other motorhome families.
(I lost miserably at Mexican Train dominoes!)
(By the way, the owners aren't small... the group was small!)

A fabulous way to start the day!

Trek to the top at the Alpine Visitor's Center
in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Oxygen was a bit scarce at just under 12,000 feet!

Our group outside the Stanley Hotel

So, what's next?
I'm not exactly sure.

First I have to unload the motorhome...
Restock the fridge...
Do the laundry...
Clean the motorhome...
Wash the car...
Weed the gardens...
Mow the grass...
But before that, I'll finish this post and enjoy the luxury
of real, high speed Internet!!!


  1. Wow. Long road trip. Beautiful country you traveled thru. We are about 2 hours West of the point by the "e"! :) Welcome home.

  2. You sure do take advantage of your motor home with all these trips. What a way to travel.

  3. That is one long road trip! My family loves road trips, too. We never take airplanes, unless we are going overseas. In fact, we drove from CA to Hill Country TX, then back two years later. Another time we just went to a lot of the western states, and another time we went from TX to Athens, Ohio. Also we drove my brother to Provo to go to school. So...we also love to travel. Not to mention that we have lived to many different countries and the longest we have lived in one place is three consecutive years. I glad you had fun!


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