Friday, July 26, 2013

Let's Go For a Walk

Tucker & Gypsy seem to have a difference of opinion
regarding which way to go!

I compare walking the dogs at various campgrounds and parks to flying kites. They go every which way, and, as you see here, often get tangled up. I have been a bad dog mom in that I don't insist that they walk by my side - which would be so pleasant... for me, maybe not for them! Maybe we'll work on that!

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  1. Thanks for joining our Hop - always glad to have new faces. I understand the problem of walking two dogs with different opinions! Luckily, I can let Maggie off leash a lot as she is pretty well behaved. I also try to do both kinds of walks - 'free range' and structured so they keep their good leash skills. Doesn't always work out that way and I end up doing pirouettes down the street, but I guess that's good exercise for me!

  2. BTW, Gypsy & Tucker are great looking dogs! I bet they keep you on your toes.

  3. I can't get mine to walk next to me, either. As long as they are not ripping my arm out of the socket, I am okay with them being in front.
    What a perfect photo! :)

  4. I only have one dog, but she pulls me in a circle, then walks completely around me, trying to trip me or something. It's hilarious.

  5. Just wondering if you've ever tried using a coupler...I found the dogs adapted to it quickly and it sure saved me a lot of shoulder pain

    1. I have thought of using a coupler, and on more than one occasion I have run one leash through one dogs' harness and attached it to the other dog. A coupler would probably work a bit better!

  6. Beautiful dogs even if they are going different directions.

  7. I am always juggling tangled leashes so I know how you feel. It's especially bad when we go with our Doxie friends and there are two different humans walking the dogs.

  8. My dog sniffs and marks his territory c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y! It is so annoying. I walk him twice a day anyway. Two of them would make me crazy!

    Cindy Bee


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