Friday, July 19, 2013

Gypsy Jabbers: Life at the Fat Farm

Happy Friday. Guess what? I have been hanging around with my forever family for a whole entire year now. Wow! That's about 1/5 of my life. Sometimes it feels like I have been here my whole life, and at other times it seems like I just got here. Time is a funny thing - have ya noticed?

Anyway, when I came to my forever family, I weighed... oh, I am embarrassed to admit this... 47 pounds. On my delicate frame, that was a lot! I was a bit tubby around the middle. (Actually, when I was first picked up by the rescue peoples I weighed 51 pounds!) The rescue peoples starved me. It was some sort of collusion ‘cause they tole my forever family that I was fine with a bit under 1 cup of diet food mixed with green beans, twice a day. They said I liked diet food and green beans. What did they know?! Green beans, schmean beans! 

Here I am, looking hungry.
My forever feeders say I always look hungry! 
My forever owners followed that routine, but they changed things up a bit. They tole me they were adding bulk to my food, so I would feel like I was getting more. Yeah, right! They used what they called an immersible blender to mash the beans into mush, and gave me some of that. Sometimes they gave me some spoonfuls of pumpkin with my diet food. They even added yogurt now and then. 

Then, there was that other dog, that Tucker dog. What a pest! He’s hardly more than a pup and he bugged me. He wanted me to run. He wanted me to play. He nipped at me. He pushed me around. He herded me. I tried to herd him. Sometimes we fought I had to tell him who was boss.

But ya wanna know something? I began to like racing through the yard. I began to like trying to beat him! In the beginning, just ‘bout all I could manage was a little jog, then I’d be outta breath, and pooped - not the really poop thing, the tired thing. Now... I can race the wind! I can beat that Tucker dog... and I do! I can take him down!

Look... I'm faster than fast. I'm faster than the camera!

But, it is all in fun. We love each other.... most of the time!

When I went to see that lady in the white coat in the place that smells awful a few weeks ago, she was really pleased. I weighed 38 pounds - or 41, depending on when the peoples read the scale. I was kinda having a hard time sitting still ‘cause I was kinda nervous ‘cause of all those awful smells. Anyway, that lady is my bestest buddy ‘cause she said I can’t lose any more weight. I am perfect! I always knew that... it just took the humans some time to figer it out! In fact, recently my forever feeders have been giving me a bit extra - I like that! They have stopped buying that diet food, too. Yay! I get some tasty stuff now. 

Guess what? My forever owner is feeling fat now. She oughta take a lesson from what she did to me. Maybe I should limit her food to 1 cup, twice a day, with smooshed vege's, and see how she feels about that! Maybe I should start nipping her heels to make her move more! Ha, this could be fun! Tit for tat!

See what other dogs and their peoples say about staying fit at this blog hop. Click on any of the links below to read other blogs. The blog hop is hosted by, Peggy's Pet Place and To Dog With Love.


  1. Hello ! I found your blog via At The Farms comments and love your blog and pooches ! I have joined up with your blog hop as it is about dogs and I love them all and want to share our girl with you all ! I am now following ! Thanks for hosting the hop and sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. P.S Miggs and I walk and hour a day in the early morns around our Country valley village and go on hikes in the woods some times and play in the back yard ! That's how we keep fit !

  3. Gypsy it's really great that you're a fit dog now...Fit dogs always have more fun!

  4. Happy Birthday :-D. You look great!!! You are one lucky dog!

  5. You look beautiful Gypsy..I think Chance may have to go on that diet. You are a lucky girl to have such a good home:)

  6. Wow, I can't believe it has been a whole year that you have had Gypsy! Time flies. Love the photo with her and Tucker, so cute.

  7. Gypsy, I think you look GREAT. Good on your moms for taking such good care of you. I had to lose weight when I first came to my forever family too, but I'm glad I did - like you now I can run like crazy! Thanks for joining our Hop!

  8. OMG!! You are beautiful... does your mommy do agility with you yet? I saw the a-frame, tetter and tunnel(?) in the background of one of your pics. We love agility at our house... glad you found your furever home!!

  9. Gypsy you look so pretty! Good for you and for your family. I should check out this blog hop because Samson isn't losing much weight. Or is it all that fur?

  10. Hey Gypsy, I know exactly how you feel. I started trying to eat healthier about three weeks ago and it's hard to do! I use an ap on my phone called My Fitness Pal and I am not eating over 1200 calories a day. You have motivated me to continue on my path though! dog...he was a scrawny little mutt when he came to our home, and he still is. He just doesn't put on weight no matter how much I feed him. Don't I wish....

    Cindy Bee

  11. Gypsy you are looking fit as a fiddle...I think I need your diet!! For about a year or so!



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