Sunday, July 7, 2013

Food Fest

One of the things I have learned to love about traveling is trying new foods. What an adventure! And this from the person, who as a child, existed on hot dogs, bologna and Cheerios. I kid you not! I was a very picky eater.  I didn't eat anything with mayonnaise until I was 17. I liked ketchup, but wouldn't eat tomatoes until I was an adult. My food choices were very limited. Just the other day my brother chided me about not eating scrambled eggs if I could see white pieces in them!

We enjoyed the food on our recent trip to Europe. Lots of food! We ate at local restaurants. We ate local specialties. We ate... 
far too much. 
Oh, and then there was the wine.....

I love bread, truly the staff of life. There is nothing I like more (well, maybe some sweets) than fresh bread, with fresh butter! Yum! The markets in every town had many varieties of bread in almost every shape and size.

Our breakfasts in Switzerland were comprised of bread, cheese, ham and jam. And, what was even better, we would walk a few hundred feet to the market to acquire our morning repast! One of the girls in the market spoke broken English. They were delighted to introduce us to some of the their local fare, and insisted on giving us samples of different cheeses, "for to taste."

I never realized what a romantic my brother is. He surprised his wife on their anniversary. We enjoyed appetizers in their stateroom consisting of local cheese, bread and German wine.
He even thought to buy her flowers! 
Isn't he sweet? 
He was never that way with me!
I was always still am just the 'kid sister'!

While we were in Amsterdam we ate at a few local restaurants
recommended by our B & B hosts. 
Two of the restaurants featured 'meatball salad'.
Do you see the one, softball-sized meatball?

We also enjoyed creamy tomato bisque,
sausages and fresh seafood.

Throughout our trip white asparagus & hollandaise sauce,
a regional specialty was often on the menu.
We had white asparagus served in many different combinations in 
Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.

And... since we were in Germany and the German side of Switzerland,
We enjoyed Wienerschnitzel...

.... and Veal cordon bleu!

The food on any of Uniworld's ships is outstanding.
Here, the S. S. Antoinette Chef's entertain us with a demonstration.

Throughout the week we enjoyed a variety of appetizers....

and salads....

Served with style...

and elegantly plated...

We had delightful desserts with dinner...

And those served with 'tea' in the afternoons...

Always with wine...
My delightful sister-in-law demonstrates proper wine tasting technique:

Swish it around so every tastebud is engaged...

Perhaps a bit acidic? Too young?

...ah, a delightful 'finish'!

The aftermath...

Some of the 120 bottles emptied daily!

We ate and drank enough to sink a ship!
But it was good....
all good!


  1. Oh yum yum yum ....and like the idea of nice wine to wash it all down with !!!!

  2. Yum! That bread looks so good and everything else, too!

  3. Traveling is more than sites it is about the food ALSO!!

    Great post!

  4. Fun to see all that fancy food! Most of which I have never tried:)


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