Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: Moving On

We are on the move this week. We are slowly making our way back towards home, with some planned stops in between. As we drove through Idaho, Mr. Dreamy thought I was having some sort of fit as I suddenly slung off my seatbelt, whipped out my cell phone and got on my knees, hanging over the dash of the motorhome. He doesn't understand. I had to take this picture for Wendell.

You see, Wendell?
You are so famous there is a town named after you!!

We have landed in a place that has the Internet, so I can actually participate in the chat this week. Looking around you wouldn't think we could connect to anywhere, 'cause it looks like we have landed on the moon! It has its own stark beauty.

Along the road in SW Wyoming

Here are Patrice's questions. You can join in the chat by linking your blog to Patrice's site (follow the link below) or by answering in comments.

  1. Do you use any type of water filter (pitcher or sink mount)?
  2. Do you have any tips for staying hydrated in the warmer weather?
  3. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
  4. Are you on top of all the chores/work you do, or are you always running behind?
  5. If you could sing a song to Wendell, what would it be?
My Answers:
1. We used a pitcher filter until we caved in and bought a water softener and reverse osmosis system. Our well water was beyond terrible. I didn't even like the small mouthful I had to swallow when taking medication.
2. No tips. I just try to drink water, and fail to drink enough.
3. My hair is curly, unless it is very dry outside. I fought the curls most of my life and finally learned to deal with it!
4. Never. If I were on top of things, what would I have to do?!
5. Since Wendell kinda likes to eat, I'd sing, "Mairzy Doats" (Mares eat oats....)


  1. I remember driving through places with nothing in ti when my family went to Utah to take my brother to college. It seems like you are driving through similar places in Wyoming.

  2. Awesome, quite interesting, even for non-Wendells!

  3. You must be having a blast with your travels! Wendell is so happy that there's a town named after him. He is pleased that you care enough to risk life and limb to get the picture! Now he's waiting for a small country in his name. I guess carrots would be the national food. Have fun!


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