Thursday, July 4, 2013

Scene Along the Road: Red, White & Blue

Yesterday we took a drive through the Payette National Forest in Idaho. We Dreamers noticed a variety of wildflowers and Mr. Dreamy was good enough to stop along the way, here and there, to let me take pictures. Sadly, I only had my cell phone... but I think you can imagine the beauty we were allowed to behold! It seemed that the roadside was decorated for our American Independence Day celebration with beautiful shows of red, white and blue!

Scarlet paintbrush
Castilleja miniata

Trapper's Tea
Rhododendron neoglandulosum

Silky lupine
Lupinus sericeus

Scarlet Gilla 
Ipomopsis aggregata

Mountain Bluebell
Mertensia ciliata

Trapper's Tea (white flower)
Rhododendron neoglandulosum
Western snakeroot (red flower)
Ageratina occidentalis

Dark blue penstemon
Penstemon cyaneus

Aster family

Western snakeroot
Ageratina occidentalis

Bear grass
Xerophyllum tenax

Floral fireworks!

Happy Birthday, America!

I have provided my 'best guess' for the names of the wildflowers we found along our drive based on the location of the flower and the descriptions and images provided by the Idaho Mountain Wildflowers Web site


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your trip. Happy 4th of July!

  2. That neck of the woods is beautiful. I love the wild flowers on the ranch. Except the lupine this time of year.
    Safe travels and a happy 4th

  3. Some very breathtaking flowers. Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous flowers. Could you please pick me a bundle of red, white and blues for my table centerpiece please! There are so many to choose from!

    Cindy Bee


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