Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Siren's Song

This afternoon, as I worked in the garden,
the winds turned brisk...
and cold. 

I heard sirens wailing on the wind.
I've never heard them before.
How eerie.

The severe weather stayed north and east of us.
Some areas had large hail.

We were fine and the weather system made its way 
out of state. I hope everyone is safe.


  1. I'm watching the tv weather reports right now! Another dangerous day!

  2. We live to far in the boonies for storm sirens. Those clouds look nasty. Probably too cold here to storm:(

    1. The clouds were funky looking. There were a lot of interesting pictures submitted to the news stations and shown later in the evening.

  3. That's bad when the sirens start going off. Getting too close for comfort.


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