Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gypsy Jitters

We had another stormy afternoon.

I had a pocket puppy.
If she wasn't under 'her' table,
she was by my side.

My brother was flying in from Phoenix.
His flight was delayed about two hours while the storm moved through.

Here are some shots of the storm I found on the Internet. 
We didn't experience anything like this.
We just had a lot of rain and some small hail in a short burst.

Five tornadoes were reported, but evidently damage was limited.

The hail was quite heavy just north and east of Denver. 
Hailstones larger than golf balls were reported.
When we neared the airport, we found areas where the piles of hail, 
which had been plowed off the road, were still 6"-8" deep!

Wouldn't you hate to come out and find your car looking like this?

We'll see what this afternoon brings.
Thunderstorms are expected each afternoon through Sunday.


  1. The weather is crazy everywhere. Glad your brother landed safely.

    1. The weather has een so strange, I can't recall what is normal!

  2. In the 90's, we had a car totaled from the hail….granted it wasn't a new car but it was parked at the airport when one of Denver's notorious storms came thru. Glad you are safe out there. S

    1. We have been safe, this time, but two years ago we weren't so lucky:

  3. Your weather this year has been like ours, very unusual and strange. I told my wife maybe it was because Hollywood was going to do a sequel to "Day After Tomorrow."

  4. We had all those storms too, nice here today, though.
    We got lots of rain this week and hail as well.

    1. I've enjoyed my day, today. I spent a lot of time outdoors.


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