Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fascinating Fluorescence

Did you know that scorpions will fluoresce in ultraviolet (black) light?

I took this picture at a hands-on museum, 
so luckily for me, this fellow was behind glass.
Without the light, he was barely visible against the sand.

Icky, but fascinating!
Scientists aren't sure why scorpions glow in UV light.
Some think it may be a way to help scorpions find shelter at night.
Others think it may be a sun screen agent, 
converting harmful UV rays to light.
Perhaps it is a way for the scorpions to lure prey.

Regardless, this phenomenon fascinates children and adults, alike. While visiting in Arizona one of the big kids(70+ years old) at the campground was often seen walking along in the evening with his black light flashlight. In some ways, I'd prefer not to know what he was seeing when he stopped at one area or another!

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