Friday, May 16, 2014


Heard this on the news the other day....
We were cautioned to remember PIP and PIG

PIP - around Mother's Day
Plant in Pot

Mine are waiting in the garage...

PIG - after Memorial Day
Plant in Ground

The average frost dates in Colorado vary, mostly due to elevation. I found this nifty map online. It is an interactive "Last Frost" map for Colorado. Other states are available at

We live in the dark brown zone. We'll wait until after Memorial Day to put anything, except the most frost-tolerant veggies, in the ground!

Although, I must remind myself that this is Colorado... 
where anything can happen! 

We've had snow flurries in June. 
We had a hard frost as late as June 12th.
We had inches of hail in June
... one never knows!! 


  1. Years ago I used to plant in pots and put them in a yard trailer and wheel them in and out of the garage until June. Now I am too lazy to plant anything and will wait for the wildflowers to bloom:)

  2. My wife has a "plant room" made of glass and wood where she used to put all her potted plants. She doesn't do that much anymore so now I keep my tools in there!

  3. Good to know, I will check out that site. Last snow since I lived here was May 26, but still below freezing into June, so we do pretty much the same thing here. I don't know about this year though, it is hot, hot, hot right now.

  4. Yeah, I didn't know either. I do now:)

  5. I've been putting my plants out by day and in by night. What a drag!

  6. I haven't heard that, but it is a good thing to remember. I have about given up on green thumbs have turned purple on me.


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