Monday, May 26, 2014

Wonderful Weeds

Why, I wonder, as I pull the grass

Sitting in the rocks on my big, broad a$$,

Do flowers grow in the turf, so green

While grass grows everywhere in-between?

Our house is surrounded by rock beds. 
They make a good fire break… but only if they are free of dried plants. 
They haven't been totally weed-free since we bought the house.
This year I'm going to try to get them back to what they once were.

East view of garage… after weeding.
(Top picture shows the 'before' view)
I removed 2 garbage bags of weeds
and took another 2 wheelbarrow loads to the compost heap.

Another view…

Oh, look! 
We have beautiful iris that were hidden in the grass!
They will be blooming soon.


  1. We have rocks on two sides of the house. We put down black plastic has been real good for the past 15 years..but should be re done while we are still able. The plastic helps the water shed away from the house. We have a steel roof so water and snow comes charging off the roof onto the rocks. :)

    1. Our rocks have weed cloth under them. In many areas it is still very effective, but those darn weeds find every slit or joint! Also, a lot of organic matter has fallen through the rocks… enough to support many weeds.

  2. I read the above and so wish the people who put rocks around some of our house had thought of the plastic first too.

    1. It is a tough job to redo it. I've been working on one section at a time, using weed cloth underneath.

  3. Get some chickens. Soon the ground will be barren and stark. No weeding to do. But no ornamental plants will survive either. Of course, I have about 50 free range chickens and I suspect that is about 45 too many.

    1. Oh, I want chickens… but not until we are through traveling. LOL about no plants thriving and 45 chickens too many! My problem would be that I couldn't 'do away' with them once they stopped laying - so I'd have a lot of unproductive birds around/1

  4. When you're done there, we have more for you.

    1. I am thinking that when I have finished all of the beds around the house… it will be time to start over :-(


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