Friday, May 30, 2014

That Was Then…. This is Now

My garden has experienced a population explosion.

This is a photo of my garden, then...

July 2011

I've circled, and identified, the perennials in the garden…
(well, those that survived!)

The perennials include:

Light Blue: Flax
Yellow: Day Lily
Green: Berry Lily
Orange: Echinacea
Pink: Hollyhock

This is the garden, now…

… and a few of those bare spots are where I have already removed Echinacea and Hollyhock plants. I moved about a dozen to different areas in our yard. 

The iris (white circles), which weren't in the first picture, are thriving. I was given a few rhizomes to plant in the spring of 2012 and now each one has mushroomed into a mound of plants. In just a few days, the poppies (circled in red) and the iris should both be open, bringing the first splash of color into the garden, as they did last year:

But, before too much time passes, I need to clean house so the plants have space to grow. But, oh, how I hate to tear out plants. It breaks my heart! I feel like I should put a "Free to Good Home" sign out by the road!


  1. Lovely! My daylillies are thriving - except the flowers, which the bunnies relish.

  2. Hmmm, please don't let your bunnies talk to our bunnies!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful (mine is so weedy *sigh*). I really like the blue flax - I might have to add some of that when I switch to shoveling outdoors. At the moment, I'm too busy shoveling out my indoors. *laugh*

  4. Find someone to trade with or give them away free:)


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