Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Gypsy! Gypseeee! Come back. Y'aren't sposed
to be on the other side of the fence.

But there are all kinds of wonderful
things to smell over here. Look, this
is where the coyotes were howling
last night. Come on, Tucker. Come
smell with me. Come run with me. 

I can't come with you. I can't fit under the gate. I'm
a big hot shot. Come back before Mrs. Owner 
sees you. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Will you stop yapping? I found something 
really nifty. Oh look, there are two pieces.
I'll bring them both and we can share. 
Even though you can't get under the
gate you can still have a special treat!

What did you find? Hurry back. I wanna see the
treat. What is it? What is it? What is it?

Ta da! Isn't this the best thing you have
seen? I found some hairy bones. They 
smell wonderful! Mmm-mm-GOOD!

Holy cow.... er, Holy Deer! You found deer legs. 
You are right. These are the best, even if the fuzz
tickles my tongue. But, I do kinda feel sorry 
about the deer. I like chasing them, maybe
even more than chewing on their bones.

PS from Mrs. Owner: The next day the skull came back with Gypsy. The gate has now been blocked!


  1. Dear Dreaming, but oh those bones must have been tasty. Still, a skull would freak me out, I think. So a closed gate is probably the best answer. What do you think the dogs are saying about that????? Peace.

    1. I believe that Tucker is thrilled, since he isn't being left behind, and Gypsy is pouting!

  2. If they find it they should keep it...I think that is a dog's rule! :)

    1. That, or ... if they find it they should roll in it!


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