Saturday, June 24, 2017

Au Revoir

After 17 days in France it was time to head home, leave the dream, and get to work. The sun was coming up in Bordeaux as our plane taxied out for take off.

From the plane I could see the Garonne River. The River Royale is docked on the river almost in the center of picture. I am thinking that some people on board were still sound asleep!

This is the confluence of the Garonne and the Dordogne Rivers. 
We were on both of them. 

Soon the jet climbed above the clouds and I put my seat back to try to get some sleep on our way to Amsterdam where we would catch the flight overseas. It was a long, long day, leaving the ship at 4:00 AM in Bordeaux (8 PM the previous day in Colorado) and arriving home at 2:00 PM in Denver (10 PM in Paris). The dream vacation was definitely over!

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